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Dear Education Agent,

As an education Agent you will be aware that the VET FEE-HELP scheme will cease on 31 December 2016, to be replaced by the VET Student Loans scheme from 1 January 2017.

Under the VET Student Loans scheme, the activities of Agents is very restricted – as will be the revenue opportunities from the capped courses.

The implication of these reforms on your business are clear.

Without a proactive strategy for 2017, your business will change dramatically.

Campus is an education business that delivers online Benchmarked Courses. A Benchmarked Course is a non-accredited course mapped to its accredited counterpart.

As such, Campus is not an RTO or VET FEE-HELP provider and operates outside legislation governing these bodies.

Campus was launched to resolve an escalating issue in education in Australia – rising costs due to onerous government regulation, making education unaffordable to all but the elite (including debt accumulation through the HELP schemes).

Complex government regulation burdens education providers with layers of compliance cost. These costs get passed to students in tuition fees. And most often, the regulation and additional cost, does not result in an improved learning outcome.

Campus Benchmarked Courses provide students with a substantially similar learning experience for a fraction of the cost.

  • Safeguard your business against regulatory changes.
  • Operate outside VET FEE-HELP regulation.
  • Monetise unconverted course enquiries.
  • Capitalise on your existing IP.
  • Create a new revenue channel.

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What can Campus offer you as an Education Agent?

Your business is at risk.

It's at the whim of constantly changing government policy.

Recent regulatory reforms have trimmed margins. And changes proposed for 2017 will cut them even further, which may put your very business existence at risk.

Campus provides Agents with:

Safety net
A safety net against further regulatory change.
An opportunity to capitalise on existing lead databases – offering prospects an alternate education opportunity, outside VET FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan schemes.
An opportunity to cross-sell new and existing leads to another education product.

Limited opportunity of involvement

Campus is offering a limited number of Agents the opportunity to enter into an Agency Agreement to promote and sell Campus courses and educational products.

To learn more and express your interest in registering as a Campus Agent, please complete the Agent Registration of Interest form below.

Yours in education,

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