Super Learner Program

The Campus Super Learner course uses findings from leading global research to teach you better ways to grow your mind, study and retain information, and manage your time while staying on track with your goals.

Regardless of your skill level and the complexity of the task you want to master, you can change your thinking and change your life.

If you're a beginner-learner, you'll learn practical techniques that walk you through what you need to do to get on track. If you're already an expert, the course will assist you turbocharge successful learning techniques and provide insights that will help you make the best use of your time.

You'll learn about the how the brain uses very different learning modes and how it "chunks" information. You'll learn memory techniques, how to deal with procrastination, and best practices shown by research to be most effective in helping you master tough subjects.

If you've ever wanted to become better at anything, this course will serve as your guide.

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Course Structure

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Unit # Title
Unit 1 Growth Mindset: Developing Mindset for Success

Title: Growth Mindset: Developing Mindset for Success

  1. Maximise learning by working from a growth mindset generally and a fixed (performance-oriented) mindset when that is appropriate.
Unit 2 Life-getting Goal Setting

Title: Life-getting Goal Setting

  1. Set written goals (using a variety of goal-setting methods) which are consistent with the main principles of effective goal-setting.
Unit 3 Managing the Time of Your Life

Title: Managing the Time of Your Life

  1. Plan your day effectively, by using principles of prioritising, and by avoiding procrastination and multitasking.
  2. Organise phone calls/email/desk for maximum productivity.
Unit 4 Learning Hacks: Habits of Success

Title: Learning Hacks: Habits of Success

  1. Work with notions of individual learning style and focus and diffuse modes of learning to achieve effective study sessions.
  2. Use research-backed methods for note-taking and retaining information to maximise learning.
Unit 5 Uber-Wellness: The Physical-Material You

Title: Uber-Wellness: The Physical-Material You

  1. Plan exercise, diet, sleep, and brain fitness regimes for your life in accordance with recent research findings.
Unit 6 Uber-Wellness: The Mental / Emotional / Social / Spiritual You

Title: Uber-Wellness: The Mental / Emotional / Social / Spiritual You

  1. Reduce stress through action-oriented, perception-oriented, and acceptance-oriented means.
  2. Commit to enhancing social support networks, creating “down time” and self-care rituals, and regularly practicing stillness as means of enhancing wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Benchmarked Course or Unit?

A Benchmarked Course is a non-accredited qualification, mapped to its government accredited counterpart. Coursework and course material is the same as the accredited version. As such, learners participate in similar learning experience and have the opportunity to acquire similar outcomes.

Why study a Benchmarked Course instead of an accredited course?

A Benchmarked Course provides learners the option to study a course similar to a government accredited program, for a small fraction of the cost. This makes it an ideal option for personal development; professional development; and career development in industries where government accredited qualifications are not required by statutory regulation.

How are courses delivered?

Campus courses are delivered online, with assessments conducted via multiple choice. Courses and Units may also contain optional practical assessments, which may be undertaken at additional cost. Practical assessments add substantial value to the learner experience and are identified on the Statement of Academic Record.

What free inclusions do I get with my course?

Campus courses come packed with some high quality free programs that are extremely relevant to modern learners and those seeking career advancement. All Campus courses, units and specialisations are companioned with the Super Learner and Career Edge programs. The Super Learner program has been developed to assist learners get the most out of their educational experience, using findings from leading global research to show learners better ways to grow your mind, to study and retain information, and to manage your time while staying on track with your goals. The Career Edge program assists those seeking to maximise their career opportunities and set themselves apart.

What are the free training credits?

Campus believes in the philosophy of lifelong learning. To support this philosophy, Campus courses, units and specialisations come with free annual training credits. The number of free credits provided depends on the program/s undertaken and how the credits are applied by the student – the more they are used, the more they are supplied!

Is there a time limit to complete a course?

Campus courses do not have time limits or other constraints. Students are free to engage in their learning entirely at their own pace (assuming they meet their tuition obligations). Campus also supplies its students with free annual training credits in support of its lifelong learning philosophy (the number of free credits provided depends on the course undertaken and how they are utilised).

What if I fail an assessment?

Campus courses and units come pre-packaged with two (2) assessments per unit. This is to maintain academic rigour in the assessment process. If a student fails an assessment, they can undertake a second assessment free of charge (using the second assessment credit). If a student fails the same unit assessment again, they are required to purchase assessment credit to undertake further assessment for the same unit.

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