Why should my staff undertake Benchmarked Courses, Units or Specialisations?

Do you want the best training possible for your investment dollar?

If yes, then Benchmarked Courses provide substantially the same learning experience as a government accredited course, for a fraction of the investment. In general, your team will be able to participate in UP TO TEN TIMES the volume of learning for your investment dollar, without foregoing quality. The question really becomes, “why would you spend 10 times more for the same learning; or restrict your team’s development to just 1/10th of the volume of learning?”

What is a Benchmarked Course or Unit?

A Benchmarked Course is a non-accredited qualification, mapped to its government accredited counterpart. Coursework and course material is the same as the accredited version. As such, learners participate in similar learning experience and have the opportunity to acquire similar outcomes.

What are the main differences between a Campus Benchmarked Course and a (government) accredited course or unit?

Benchmarked Courses use the same learning material, mapped to the same learning outcomes and competencies as a government accredited equivalent.

Benchmarked Courses and Units vary predominantly in the assessment method. All the course content, learning objectives and competencies are the same. Most Campus assessments are conducted via multiple choice. They are carefully designed to maintain academic rigour, however, may not contain the variety of assessment methods as may be experienced via an accredited course (for instance, essays).

How is Campus creating a “productivity miracle?”

Production efficiency occurs when incoming, better-educated graduates enter the labour force, bringing their new knowledge, and create better processes. This process is called the “productivity miracle” and has been a reliable economic phenomenon for 50 years. The productivity miracle is like gaining better human technology. On the whole, better-educated people create more effective ways of producing things.

In the last decade, the cost of education has increased over three times faster than the cost of living. This cost is largely due to government regulation and red tape. As a result, fewer students are willing to take on growing education debts, and resultantly, the lack of educational attainment is becoming a major economic problem.

Campus is making education accessible again. And in doing so, it is advancing the productivity miracle.

What level of competency can I expect from someone that has completed a Campus Benchmarked Course?

A graduate of a Benchmarked Course has undertaken a significant volume of learning and demonstrated competency across a range of assessments. Campus carefully designs its assessments to maintain academic rigour to a high standard. As such, a graduate is expected to have a high degree of understanding and knowledge in the course area.

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