What is a Benchmarked Course or Unit?

A Benchmarked Course is a non-accredited qualification, mapped to its government accredited counterpart. Coursework and course material is the same as the accredited version. As such, learners participate in similar learning experience and have the opportunity to acquire similar outcomes.

Why study a Benchmarked Course instead of an accredited course?

A Benchmarked Course provides learners the option to study a course similar to a government accredited program, for a small fraction of the cost. This makes it an ideal option for personal development; professional development; and career development in industries where government accredited qualifications are not required by statutory regulation.

How is Campus creating a “productivity miracle?”

Production efficiency occurs when incoming, better-educated graduates enter the labour force, bringing their new knowledge, and create better processes. This process is called the “productivity miracle” and has been a reliable economic phenomenon for 50 years. The productivity miracle is like gaining better human technology. On the whole, better-educated people create more effective ways of producing things.

In the last decade, the cost of education has increased over three times faster than the cost of living. This cost is largely due to government regulation and red tape. As a result, fewer students are willing to take on growing education debts, and resultantly, the lack of educational attainment is becoming a major economic problem.

Campus is making education accessible again. And in doing so, it is advancing the productivity miracle.

How are courses delivered?

Campus courses are delivered online via the My Campus student portal, and may include: Books of Reading and Study Guides (available for download in PDF format); Videos (streamed online via a state-of-the-art online video player); online multiple-choice assessments; plus a range of learning resources and tools to support your study journey.

What free inclusions do I get with my course?

Campus courses come packed with some high quality free programs that are extremely relevant to modern learners and those seeking career advancement. All Campus courses, units and specialisations are companioned with the Super Learner and Career Edge programs. The Super Learner program has been developed to assist learners get the most out of their educational experience, using findings from leading global research to show learners better ways to grow your mind, to study and retain information, and to manage your time while staying on track with your goals. The Career Edge program assists those seeking to maximise their career opportunities and set themselves apart.

What are the free training credits?

Campus believes in the philosophy of lifelong learning. To support this philosophy, Campus courses, units and specialisations come with free annual training credits. The number of free credits provided depends on the program/s undertaken and how the credits are applied by the student – the more they are used, the more they are supplied!

Will an employer recognise a Benchmarked Course?

More and more employers and workplaces are recognising quality programs such as Campus Benchmarked Courses. Today’s learner requires more flexibility and control around how, when and where they access learning. This, compounded by the escalating cost of delivering government regulated training programs, means more people are seeking out quality, cost effective, training. Graduates of Campus programs also receive a Benchmarked Course Explainer document, which can be provided to employers, explaining the benchmarking process, its alignment to the Australian Qualifications Framework, and the significant body of study undertaken by Campus students.

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