Learn the valuable skill of learning with our Free Super Learner program

Learn how to learn and achieve better outcomes with Campus' free Super Learner Program.

The Super Learner course uses findings from leading global research to show you better ways to grow your mind, to study and retain information, and to manage your time while staying on track with your goals.

It has been designed for those undertaking any course of learning and wanting to maximise their experience - especially those who may be re-entering student life after some time out of it.

The course is divided into 6 modules:

1. Growth Mindset: Developing a Mindset for Success
2. Life-getting Goal Setting
3. Managing the Time of Your Life
4. Learning Hacks: Habits of Success
5. Uber-Wellness: The Physical/Material You
6. Uber-Wellness: The Mental/Emotional/Social/Spiritual You

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Maximise learning by working from a growth mindset generally and a fixed (performance-oriented) mindset when that is appropriate.
  2. Set written goals (using a variety of goal-setting methods) which are consistent with the main principles of effective goal-setting.
  3. Plan your day effectively, by using principles of prioritising, and by avoiding procrastination and multitasking.
  4. Organise phone calls/email/desk for maximum productivity.
  5. Work with notions of individual learning style and focus and diffuse modes of learning to achieve effective study sessions.
  6. Use research-backed methods for note-taking and retaining information to maximise learning.
  7. Plan exercise, diet, sleep, and brain fitness regimes for your life in accordance with recent research findings.
  8. Reduce stress through action-oriented, perception-oriented, and acceptance-oriented means.
  9. Commit to enhancing social support networks, creating “down time” and self-care rituals, and regularly practicing stillness as means of enhancing wellness.

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